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Tracey sat down with Laura Kassebaum to talk about the importance of having a cleaner or cleaning company on your vacation rental power team. Laura started as a vacation rental investor and very quickly came to the realization that it is crucial to have a cleaning team when owning nightly vacation rentals. On top of being a vacation rental investor, Laura now owns her own cleaning company and property management company. 

The role a cleaner will play in your investment goes beyond just the cleaning you've hired them to do. This person will see and hear things that you, the investor, may not. Since your cleaner will be in and out of your rentals on a consistent basis they are able to interact with your guests more often than you likely will. Therefore, they will be able to ask guests how their stay was and provide you with valuable feedback to help you sustain a successful nightly rental business. 

Since they are so familiar with your property or properties, a good cleaner will quickly be able to see if anything is out of place or damaged which will add tremendous value to you. They will be what allows you to take care of small issues before they get worse and result in a poor experience for your guests. 

There are numerous decisions to be made and responsibilities to take care of as a nightly rental investor and the reality is you cannot do everything by yourself! A cleaning team will take several of those responsibilities off of your plate and can be your eye and ears on the ground. They will be able to see things and give you insight that you may have missed otherwise. 

As you go about hiring a cleaning team make sure to do your research, it will pay off for you if you do!!! Take the time to ask for recommendations from others in the nightly rental business and look at reviews for a certain cleaner or company. Once you’ve narrowed down your list interview people! Make sure the person you are hiring is someone you will jive with and can communicate with easily! 

If you would like to get in contact with Laura you can reach her at 573-619-5841 or by email at

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