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A photographer probably doesn’t come to mind when you think of people you need to be working with within the nightly vacation rental businesses but professional photos matter

Trust us, we understand why you may not want to invest in professional photos for your vacation rental property and nightly rental business. To be honest, in the past we were guilty of using iPhone photos for our own vacation rental properties! Hiring a photographer can seem too expensive. Or maybe you are just wanting to get something posted right away so that your listing can go live. We hear you! But we assure you, hiring a photographer will be worth it. Having professional photos can, and more than likely will, make a world of difference in the number of bookings you receive. 

Why is this? The simple answer is that professional photos grab viewers’ attention. 

Tourists traveling to the Branson area are going to be scrolling through dozens of nightly rental options and unless you want to blend in with every other home available you need to stand out. Professional photos will provide you with crisp, clean, and inviting photos that will be greatly noticed compared to photos that are dark, pixelated, or taken at odd angles. The reality is that in-person your nightly vacation rental may be beautiful and cozy but if that is not portrayed to viewers they will keep scrolling right past your home. 

Another part of this you need to consider is that you not only want people viewing your vacation rental property you want them to book. The high quality of your photos may be just the thing to tip the scale in your favor! 

Anyone on our team would be more than happy to connect you with a local photographer. Whether you are just starting out in the world of owning a nightly rental or have multiple properties, professional photos are a must. In many cases, it will take no more than one night’s rent to leave you set with pictures for the whole year and will result in increased bookings and increased revenue! 

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