Building Your Power Team - Property Management

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We are all about educating you on how to build a power team for your vacation rental investments. A KEY member of your power team is a PROPERTY MANAGER. This position is crucial for those of you wanting to take a passive approach to managing vacation rentals. Being passive is not a bad thing! It just means that you want to be hands-off in day-to-day operations. 

Property management includes, or can include, handling bookings, answering guest questions, advertising, troubleshooting, scheduling cleaners, and answering more guest questions. A property manager not only takes care of a list of to-dos but can really create an experience for your guests. With the right property manager, your guests will have a GREAT EXPERIENCE that will lead to referrals and repeat business. 

If you choose to take the passive approach to owning vacation rentals and need a property manager, one of the people we refer is Brenda Murray with Lake Life Vacation Rentals. Brenda and her husband own their own vacation rental properties and manage a total of 16 properties in the Tri-Lakes area. She has been managing properties for about 3 years and has gained priceless experience during that time. Brenda goes above and beyond in serving both guests and the owners she partners with. 

With the knowledge of the market that a property manager brings to the table, you may increase your rate of return by attracting repeat business. We highly recommend you reach out to Brenda if working with a property manager is something you may be interested in for your own investments.