Get to Know the Lightfoot & Youngblood Team

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Real Estate

We want to assist you in the best way possible for your real estate needs, and this begins with a solid foundation—our team! What started out as a partnership between Tracey and Brad in 2016 has been built into an 8-person team. This growth came from the need and desire to consistently be able to create a family feel and relationship base with our clientele. 

In addition to our fearless leaders, Tracey and Brad, the Lightfoot and Youngblood team includes rockstar agents and administrative assistants. Our agents, Heather, Tim, Joseph, and Matt, have been handpicked to fit our clients’ specific needs. We want to make sure all of our clients know that we are here for them, that we are listening, and that we care! Next are our administrative assistants, Sean and Kristin, the backbone of our team. They are the ones who keep the rest of us on track!

One thing we teach over and over again is the importance of a power team. We know that one person cannot do it all, so it is so crucial for us to have members who are dedicated to providing a high level of customer support that we are known for. Now, you know a little more about the great people that make up our real estate power team!