Table Rock Lake

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We’re in the middle of winter. Literally, still months away from summer. But that’s not keeping many of us from staring out our frosty windows and envisioning beautiful sunny days spent out on the water. For those of you who live in the Ozarks, and those who are considering moving here, you know that Table Rock Lake is among the top reasons to live in this area.

In many ways, the Branson we know and love came as a result of the creation of Table Rock Lake. As the Ozarks’ population grew substantially during the 1940s, floods from the White River became more costly and destructive, leading the US Army Corps of Engineers’ to decide to build a dam in 1954. By 1960, Table Rock Lake had sprung into existence, and with it the beginnings of Branson’s tourism industry.

As word spread that the Ozark Mountains now housed a massive (and well-stocked!) reservoir, those looking for a place to pursue their favorite outdoor activities flocked to the area, and resorts and marinas began to dot the lake’s shoreline. Almost immediately, other tourist attractions, such as Silver Dollar City, popped up in the area, intended to entertain those who wanted a break from the water.

Now 60+ years later, Branson is often remembered for the shows and attractions on The Strip. Yet Table Rock Lake continues to act as the backbone for the community and its economy. Many tourists hardly venture into Branson proper, preferring to boat, swim, tube, wakeboard, and ski.

Beyond the way it provides the perfect place to engage in water activities, the lake’s natural beauty is an attraction in itself. For some, lake views are the primary draw to this area, and for good reason. In the morning, Table Rock Lake’s crystal clear water shimmers silver, reflecting the stars going out one by one, while, in the evening, its surface glistens gold, reflecting the rays of the sun sinking behind the surrounding hills. 

Some come to the area for the shows and attractions. Others come for the natural scenery. These are both great reasons to visit Branson, and we encourage everyone to take advantage of all that this area has to offer! 

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