Tourism In Branson

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Branson is, quite simply, as vital as ever. To an outside onlooker, Branson’s tourism industry could seem destined to taper off along with the attendance numbers of the certain shows lining HWY 76. However, the town that was once dubbed the “Live Music Capital of the World” seems to be drawing more visitors than any time previous.

Branson’s sustained success can be attributed to a unique combination of integrity and innovation. What was true of Branson when it emerged as a destination in the 1960s remains true today—this is a community committed to providing wholesome entertainment for the whole family. In 1960, family entertainment meant comedy acts and cave tours. As 2021 begins, children and their parents are more likely to enjoy go-karts or adventure parks. Times have changed, but Branson has proved its ability to change externally in order to continue to fulfill its mission.

Over the last two decades many new attractions have been built. Some have sought to capitalize on new trends among the younger generations, while others have built on previous developments. Among the most innovative new attractions is Fritz’s Adventure, an indoor adventure park featuring climbing walls, ziplines, and a ropes course. Many of the activities at the park have several levels of difficulty, providing a fun challenge to parents, and children of different ages. In this way, “fun for the entire family” really means “fun for each member of the family.” Johnny Morris’ investment in the community, on the other hand, has solidified Branson’s reputation as a surefire destination for golf enthusiasts. Vacationers can now enjoy a world-class experience on the reimagined Top of the Rock course, or at Buffalo Ridge.

Situated within a day’s drive for 50% of the country, those who want to vacation with the whole family continue to prefer Branson as their destination of choice. This town has an impressive record of adapting to the times, and it promises to continue to attract and satisfy millions of visitors each year!

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